Entry Conditions

Entry Requirements & Safety Briefing

It is important that you read the Chambers of the Black Hand entry requirements. You may be refused entry if any of these conditions are not met. Many of these rules have been put in place for your safety. Ignoring these requirements can put individuals at risk  Please read them carefully. 

Conditions of entry

  • A waiver must be completed by each guest before entry
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn at all times
  • Hard hats will be issued by the staff and must be worn at all times
  • Please always follow instructions from the staff
  • Do not interfere with any of the barriers, signs, or safety equipment
  • You will be issued with an underground map. Please make yourself familiar with the location of the stairs, and emergency escapes.
  • There are two emergency assembly points close to emergency exits. The first can be found behind the doors near Michelangelo’s Breath of Life or behind the Lion of Lucerne. The second emergency assembly point is behind the showroom in the corridor leading to the storeroom.
  • Both hands must always be free while ascending and descending the stairs. Bags, purses, or any other loose items must be secured to your body during this time.
  • No photographs are to be taken while on the stairwell.
  • When descending or ascending the stairs always use the handrails.
  • Children must be always supervised by an adult.
  • You are welcome to take as many photos of the artwork or anything in the mine that you wish.
  • We request that you do not touch the carvings as they are a soft rock and damage easily. Please respect this unique experience. People found touching or damaging the artwork will be ejected from the Chambers.
  • There are no bathrooms underground. Please avail yourself of the facilities before you descend.
  • Please be aware that the ground may be uneven on both the carving and the mining level.
  • The old mine shafts on our claims have either been filled in or fenced off for your safety. That is not necessarily the case on the claims surrounding the Chambers. Please be aware that these claims may have open shafts, bore holes and other hazards that present a significant danger to the unwary.
  • Please do not leave the gravel area.
  • No persons affected by drugs or alcohol will be permitted to enter the Chambers.